Unleashing a Better Manhood



CORE is an 11 week study on the essentials of biblical manhood. Each week, you’ll learn how to be a better man through live or video teaching and build relationships with other men through group discussions.

We live in a time where no common definition or vision for manhood exists. BetterMan is that common vision. We believe generations of men want to be good men; they want to be God’s man, but they do not know how. No one has shown them—no one has given them an example. BetterMan is filling that void.

We all have questions in life. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, we find answers to our identity and purpose that fundamentally reorients everything about us. CORE’s eleven session dynamic study helps facilitate real discussion among real men about our real meaning, purpose, and passions in life.

Captivated by the clear, biblical vision of manhood, an entire generation of men is being unleashed to discover who they were created to be — and to create the better life they crave.


Who needs this?

Every man, in or out of a church that wants a clear biblical direction to being a man.

Every man, in or out of a church that wants a better marriage.

Every man, in or out of a church that wants his working life to matter.

Every man, in our out of a church that wants a better relationship with his children.


BETTERMAN provides an opportunity for men:

  •  To get acquainted with other men during the 11-week program
  • To learn about Biblical manhood and common pitfalls many men fall prey,
  • To reject passivity over their personal spiritual development,
  • To better appreciate the impact our emotional and spiritual maturity have on the lives of others around them,
  • To be introduced and/or reminded of the Gospel message
  • To experience a small group discussion with other men, preparing them for a deeper commitment in a Covenant Group discussion.


Become the Man God has Called You to be.

 BetterMan offers a distinct understanding of biblical masculinity, to enhance various aspects of life such as marriage, parenting, work-life, and relationships. By providing a clear definition, BetterMan empowers individuals with a foundation rooted in biblical principles, contributing to an improved overall quality of life.

The mission of BetterMan is to cultivate a community of men united by a common pursuit of a richer and more fulfilling existence. This collective commitment spans across work, family, friendships, marriages, and spiritual connections.

BetterMan envisions a community where men inspire each other to lead purposeful lives grounded in biblical values, fostering personal development and meaningful relationships.


CORE  ǀ  11 Weeks

  1.  Manhood Today
  2. Looking Back
  3. Unpacking
  4. The Dad Factor
  5. Defining Manhood
  6. God & the Good Life
  7. A Real Man Courageously follows God’s Word
  8. A Real Man Loves and Protects God’s Woman
  9. A Real Man Excels at God’s Work
  10. A Real Man Betters God’s World
  11. Manhood & The Future