Celebrate Recovery, a faith-based program designed to help people navigate their hurts, habits, and hang-ups, advocates the practice of regular self-assessment and reflection through various types of inventories. These inventories, categorized as “Ongoing,” “Daily,” and “Periodic,” are vital tools in the journey toward healing and recovery.

Ongoing Inventory

  1. Definition and Purpose: Ongoing inventory is a continuous process of self-reflection. It involves being mindful of our thoughts, actions, and reactions in real time.
  2. Benefits: This type of inventory helps individuals identify and address issues as they occur, preventing small problems from escalating. It fosters self-awareness and immediate accountability.
  3. Implementation: Practicing ongoing inventory can involve pausing during stressful situations to assess one’s feelings and reactions or reflecting at the end of a particular event or interaction.

Daily Inventory

  1. Definition and Purpose: Daily inventory is a structured reflection at the end of each day. It involves reviewing the day’s events, behaviors, and feelings.
  2. Benefits: This practice helps to acknowledge successes and identify areas where one struggled, offering a balanced view of one’s progress and challenges.
  3. Implementation: A daily inventory might include writing in a journal, prayer, or meditation. Key questions might include: “What am I grateful for today?” or “Were there moments I acted out of alignment with my recovery goals?”

Periodic Inventory

  1. Definition and Purpose: Periodic inventory involves taking a step back at regular intervals (e.g., monthly, quarterly) to review longer-term patterns and growth.
  2. Benefits: It allows for a broader perspective on one’s recovery journey, highlighting long-term progress and revealing persistent challenges.
  3. Implementation: This might involve revisiting goals, seeking feedback from a sponsor, accountability partners, or a mentor, and comparing current behaviors with past behaviors.

Integrating the Inventories

  • Holistic Approach: Utilizing all three types of inventories provides a comprehensive reflection framework. Each type complements the others, offering different perspectives and insights.
  • Personalization: The approach to each inventory type can be personalized based on individual needs and recovery stages.


In Celebrate Recovery, the practice of doing a Daily Inventory, along with ongoing and periodic inventories, is not just a task but a transformative process. It encourages honesty, growth, and resilience. By regularly examining our thoughts, actions, and emotions, we can navigate our recovery journey with greater clarity and purpose.